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Organization-wide strategies to help your human-service nonprofit spend less time doing and more time achieving.


Scattered? Burnt out?

It’s easy to think these come hand-in-hand with leading a nonprofit. After all, there’s always too much to do and not enough resources.

What if we told you there’s a better way? One where you use the power of the digital age to get your time back, get clear on your focus, and produce measurable results for your mission.

We’re here to save you time, energy, and false starts so you can maximize your impact.

When you’ve got a plan that turns your chaos into clear objectives and an expert team ready to help you execute it, things change. Suddenly, burnout turns to excitement. Overwhelm turns to relief.

How? We let our proprietary Impact Method™ lead the way:
The Impact Method™

Ditch traditional strategic planning and embrace the Impact Method™ — the operating framework specifically made for nonprofits, so you’ll be positioned to …

Make more money, have more time in your day and in your life, and change more lives

Getting There Together

We give you the tools and expertise to scale your organization and run like a well-oiled machine. This is where you truly begin to thrive as we help you unlock your hidden capacity and leverage new opportunities to succeed. 

Know Your Next Step

One of the hardest things to know when your plate is overloaded is "What's my exact best next step?" Once you adopt the Impact Method™, answering this question will be easy, but for now, why not just have an expert tell you the answer?

Leveraging digital is about more than just marketing...

When most nonprofits think “digital,” they think of marketing and fundraising. What they don’t realize is that "leveraging digital" is a process, not a result — With the rise of the internet and the impact of big data, the world has changed — It’s time to re-build your nonprofit so it can thrive in the digital age, by leveraging concepts birthed by the shapers of the internet such as agile principles, working in sprints, iterative project development, and yes, you should probably leverage digital marketing too. 

That's why we made the Impact Method™.

Here’s what leveraging digital means to us:
Visual Planning

A picture is worth a thousand words, that's why your plans should be presented visually and leverage digital tools so it’s easy for your entire team to see how each action item fits in with the larger goals and mission of your organization. 

Agile Action Plans

These days, the digital world is changing so fast it’s hard to keep up. We help you pick where to focus your energy so you can shift without losing momentum. Agile is how the creators of the web tamed the chaos and speed of digital, and now we all need to follow their lead.

Easy Delegation

Give your team, your board, your volunteers, and your donors a blueprint to your organization so they know where and how they fit in, can pick up a hammer, shovel, or saw, whichever suites them best, and start building your nonprofit with you!

Better Systems

Ever wish you could clone yourself? Do the next best thing for reclaiming your time and start having every action you take do double or triple duty. That's the power of a framework that leverages synergy.

On-Call Expertise

Imagine what you could do with a team of experts to help you solve problems and make better plans? We bring decades of experience in almost every aspect of running nonprofits, form branding, to financial forecasting, we give you access to the expertise you need. 

With the Impact Method™ and our expert support and guidance dedicated to your success, you can effectively leverage your existing capacity to carry out your mission, scale your impact, and THRIVE!

“Through Sarah's gentle process, we scrutinized our mission, our clientele, our donor base, and identified our strengths and weaknesses. Using tools she has developed, she presented us a strategic plan that we found comfortable and exciting and - most importantly - one that fits our budget.”

Andrea R. Lurie

Your Speaker

Sarah Olivieri is a nonprofit strategist with a passion for helping organizations thrive in the digital age. The founder of PivotGround, Sarah helps human-service nonprofits increase capacity, deliver better programming, attract more funding, and make the world a better place. She is the creator of the Impact Method™ - a business framework for nonprofits designed to help nonprofits thrive in the digital age.

She has over 15 years of nonprofit leadership. Sarah co-founded the Open Center for Autism and was the executive director of the Helping Children of War Foundation. She is also a published author whom co-wrote Lesson Planning a la Carte: Integrated Planning for Students with Special Needs.

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So let's start with a real life consultation with Sarah. 

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