What if your nonprofit had a clear, comprehensive approach to using digital tools & systems to achieve its mission?

Tell me more...

Would you ...

  • Engage more donors?
  • Get a clearer sense of progress?
  • Serve more people?
  • Expand funding opportunities?
  • Get more time to do what matters most?

If you are overwhelmed with concerns like:

  • We don't know what to put on the home page of our website.
  • We aren't really sure if we are doing the right things with our email marketing.
  • We'd like to raise more money from our fundraising events.
  • Should we be doing more on social media?

And you've been thinking that there must be a better way...
You are RIGHT!

We Help Human Service Nonprofits

Like you, at PivotGround, we believe that working to improve the human experience is the most important work that we can do. We believe that this work is so important, that it's worth optimizing the IMPACT we all can make.

Today, optimizing IMPACT requires that organizations take full advantage of the digital tools and systems that now permeate our lives and our work, and yet 62% of nonprofits don't have a digital strategy.

At PivotGround we are on a mission to help nonprofits create a written comprehensive digital strategy and support them in executing it for at least 12 months.

... and we've found A BETTER WAY. We call it the Digital Impact Method™

The 3 Key Elements
of the Digital Impact Method™️

  • 1

    Impact Strategy™️

    During the Impact Workshop we teach you the digital tactics and systems that you can leverage for your nonprofit, while digging deep into what makes your organization tick. The result is a ready-to-implement Impact Strategy™️.

    If you already have a Strategic Plan in place, your Impact Strategy™️ will build on your strategic plan. If you don't have a strategic plan, build your Impact Strategy™️ first!

    Your Impact Strategy™️ will NOT arrive in a binder or as a 20 page report. It will be built into a digital tool where it will be ready for continuous development and connected directly to your Iterative Action Plan™️.

  • 2

    Iterative Action Plan™️

    The idea of building a strategic plan and then building a totally separate implementation plan drives us crazy! So we have built a unique planning system that is linked, digitally and directly, to the Strategy. This way, the two are always in sync. 

    The action plan is built to track key metrics, leverage your existing capacity, and take advantage of the only fool-proof way we know to succeed . . . iteration. 

    At the end of your Impact Workshop™️, your Iterative Action Plan™️ will also be drafted and ready for action!

  • 3

    60-Day Cycle™️

    We like to create strategies that come to life. This means implementing your action plan and further evolving your strategy. We provide education for your team so you can increase your digital know-how, and we can do the highly technical digital and marketing stuff for you. 

    Annual and even quarterly planning can be overwhelming, and worse make you loose track of your immediate priority. 

    With this in mind we've found that focusing on what we can get done in just 60 days to make your organization better is what you need to quickly and effectively make positive change and a bigger impact!

Through Sarah's gentle process, we scrutinized our mission, our clientele, our donor base, and identified our strengths and weaknesses. Using tools she has developed, she presented us a strategic plan that we found comfortable and exciting and - most importantly - one that fits our budget.

Andrea R. Lurie

Horses for a Change
How it Works

Step 1: The Impact Workshop™

Each month PivotGround owner and digital strategist, Sarah Olivieri, takes one nonprofit through step one of the Digital Impact Method™: The Impact Workshop™.
After a series of one-on-one workshop sessions, the final product is a clear, written, comprehensive digital strategy. We call it the Impact Strategy™

Sarah Olivieri

Meet The Owner

Sarah Olivieri

"I remember a nonprofit organization that I used to work for... They had the attention of a known philanthropist who had a personal interest in their mission. They had been courting this philanthropist for several years, but he had never given more than $2000 in a year.

The year I joined the organization I got to work refining the mission and putting together a clear vision of how to make a bigger impact over the next 3 years. 

One day I had the opportunity to share this mission driven plan with a representative of that philanthropist. I laid out how I thought the organization could leverage its current assets to build an even more robust method of making an impact. The next week we received a letter from the philanthropist committing $100,000 per year, over the next three years, in unrestricted funds.  

That was the first time I realized that a well defined strategy not only lays out the road ahead, but is actually the start of the journey."

So what should I do now?

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It may sound obvious, but we first need to connect! Our website has done its job when we end up on a phone call with you, person to person. We want to make sure we only work with organizations who are a good fit with us and we think being able to chat for 15 minutes, is a great place to start!

So the first step is an easy 15 minute call to help both of us decide if we want to continue: