.The Impact Method™

Unlock your full capacity and reduce overwhelm.
Build a bold strategy.
Follow through with your action plan.
Make the world a better place.

Introducing the Impact Method™

Your nonprofit exists to make a positive impact in the lives of the people you serve. But how do you get there, anyway?

We developed the Impact Method™ as a new way of running your nonprofit so you can thrive!


What is it?

The Impact Method™ is a system of tools and processes that help you get an amazing organized strategy, optimize your capacity, and thrive with a process of continual improvement


With the Impact Method™, you'll be able to pivot your planning process to ensure you always have a clear and up-to-date strategic plan, always making progress on that plan and know exactly what's to focus on next.


You'll unlock your organizations true capacity and learn how to harness it to its full potential so that you and your team can be energized, focused and pursue a bold strategy without risking burnout.


By taking decisive action and observing the results, you will build on your successes and tackle challenges proactively to make sure you you continue to thrive.

“This is a fundamentally different way of doing things, which I think is exactly what we need to jump start my organization into thriving.”

Sandeep Prasad
Executive Director
Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights

What's the #1 thing holding most nonprofits back? Find out in this 3-min video, then schedule a free consulation to find out if the Impact Method™ can get you to THRiVING!

"There are many facets to growing an organization and with the Impact Method™ we are able to touch on virtually all of them when I may have only focused on 75%."

Andrew O'Grady
ED of Mental Health America of Dutchess County

Benefits of the Impact Method™

We designed the Impact Method™ to pack-a-punch. It wouldn't be so effective and efficient if it didn't accomplish many of the things that "you should be doing" but probably aren't doing 100%. 

  • Your Strategic Plan always done

  • Your Transition Plan done too

  • A Roadmap for building your team

  • Your Implemention Plan

  • Your brand clearly identified

  • Your Mission, Vision, & Values

  • Meetings that your team will love

  • Key Metrics that mean something

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