Our Process

Unlock your full capacity, build a bold strategy, follow through with your action plan, and make the world a better place.

The name PivotGround refers to being in that special place where you can see all the potential pivots your organization can make. It can be overwhelming, but we help you figure out the best path to take, and then walk the path with you.

The strategies we help you develop for your nonprofit don’t just sit gathering dust in a binder. We help you put them into place.

When you work with us we'll take you through our proven process while we guide you through implementing the Impact Method™.

What does it all mean for you? Simply put—better programming, increased funding, and confident and focused employees.

Do you need to find clarity in all that chaos?

You’ve come to the right place

"The team at PivotGround worked with me to feel empowered and supported. My feelings of being overwhelmed shifted to feeling successful. This has all helped me see my organization grow with a strong foundation."

Chris Hewitt

ED of Hudson Valley Current

Introducing the Impact Method™

Your human-service nonprofit exists to make a positive impact in the lives of the people you serve. But how do you get there, anyway?

We developed our proprietary Impact Method™ as a way to break down your big audacious goals into clear, easy-to-understand components. When you’re feeling scattered and burnt out, we use The Impact Method™ to show you how achieving your goals is entirely possible.


We'll unlock your organizations true capacity and teach you how to harness it to its full potential so that you can be energized and focused and you pursue a bold strategy.


How does your mission break down into manageable goals? With our Impact Strategy™ and Continuous Action Plan™, you'll ensure you’re always making clear progress and know exactly what's to focus on next.


By taking decisive action and observing the results, you can build on your successes and plan for your challenges to make sure you’re consistently moving towards your ultimate goal.

  • thequickstart
    1. The Pivot Package

    We start with a series of collaborative coaching sessions to help optimize your existing capacity and organize your goals into a bold and achievable strategy.

    We begin by assessing your existing goals, programs, and systems, and identify those core issues that have been causing overwhelm, confusion, and false starts.  

    Then we'll show you how to unlock your organization's hidden capacity, so you'll feel focused, energized, and ready to pursue a bold strategy. 

    Finally, we'll develop your Impact Strategy™ and Continuous Action Plan™, a visual guide to knowing which priorities to focus on and which to let go of. This is a living, breathing resource that you refine and adjust as you figure out what’s working. You can also use this to measure progress against your long-term impact goals—useful for proving impact for funding purposes, to say the least.

    You'll emerge from the Pivot Package focused, energized, and with a clear and actionable strategy.

  • impactcycle
    2. Thrive Support

    Here’s where the action happens.

    We’ll work with you to plan out tightly-focused 60-day Impact Cycles™.

    Each cycle, we’ll support you with expert guidance and proven tools to continue optimizing, organizing, and thriving.

    We'll help you plan out the exact outcomes you’ll be achieving and how they fit into your larger goals. Best of all, we'll help you achieve your goals, by giving you expert help when you start to feel stuck.

    You'll finally end the cycle of band-aid fixes and be able to concentrate on making real, progressive change. No more herding cats!

  • expertsontap
    3. Access to Experts on Tap

    We’re here to support you—whenever and however you need it.

    We get that the nonprofit landscape is usually one of dynamic change. That’s why we've assembled a Superteam of experts available to help you with anything from setting up a new social media campaign to building a custom web app. 

    We can do it for you or show you (and your team) how to do it.

" In working with PivotGround I have been able to harness their experience and ideas in moving the agency forward. Their ability to map out the complete agency on paper helps me to visualize what I couldn’t before. The work that we do together also keeps me focused on moving the agency forward and not remain stagnant like too many nonprofits do. "

Andrew O'Grady
ED of Mental Health America of Dutchess County

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