Let's get your nonprofit organized, optimized, and thriving!

The name PivotGround refers to being in that special place where you can see all the potential pivots you can make. It can be overwhelming, but we help you figure out the best path to take, and then walk the path with you, if you want.

The strategies we help you develop for your nonprofit don’t just sit gathering dust in a binder. We teach you how to put them into place.

When you work with us we'll teach you our proven process as we guide you through through optimizing your nonprofit or the digital age.

In every service we offer, we teach you how to unlock your nonprofit's true capacity and make the impact you've been imagining.

What does it all mean for you? Simply put—better programming, increased funding, and confident and focused employees.

“Through Sarah's gentle process, we scrutinized our mission, our clientele, our donor base, and identified our strengths and weaknesses. Using tools she has developed, she presented us a strategic plan that we found comfortable and exciting and - most importantly - one that fits our budget.”

Andrea R. Lurie
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    PiVOT: Learn the Impact Method™
    Is your nonprofit stuck in the growth process?

    You know you need more support, but your team is working at capacity and you never seem to have “extra” money to invest in growth. This stagnates your ability to scale your impact. It’s like being stuck between a rock and hard place and feeling like you’ll never get out.

    If you are: 
    • Not sure how to get where you need to be to create that long term impact
    • Having difficulty prioritizing because everything feels important
    • Missing core functionality in your organization, like fundraising or keeping your programs fully enrolled
    • Struggling with a board that is either unengaged or micromanaging
    • Overwhelmed and overworked

    In over 15 years of working with nonprofits, we've found that so many believe they don't have enough money, they can't afford outside help, or that bigger fundraising events will solve all their money problems. However, the truth is that most nonprofits don't actually have a MONEY PROBLEM, they have a CAPACITY and STRATEGY problem.

    The good news is that the secret to solving your nonprofit's capacity problem lies in how you structure your organization. 

    We developed PiVOT to train you in the Impact Method™ so you can unlock your nonprofit's true capacity.

" Getting started with the Impact Method™ was efficient and streamlined. I especially valued Sarah's brilliant ideas and strong desire to improve our brand and messaging. I think working with PivotGround will help us get to the next level we've been waiting for. "

Chris Hewitt
ED of Hudson Valley Current
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    Master Your Marketing Master Your Mission
    Are you struggling with marketing and communication?

    There are endless courses and resources for information on the latest marketing tactics, but learning them will be a waste of time if you don’t have a few critical marketing basics in place. In this course we teach you have to build a foundation for marketing that will finally help you succeed in your marketing efforts.

    With the tools in this course you can...

    • Build a core brand yourself that will boost the success of all your marketing efforts save you thousands of $
    • Unlock the marketing superstars already on your team
    • Build a high efficiency marketing engine  

    This course delivers the marketing tools you need that no one is talking about!

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    Work with us One-on-one

    We work with a limited number of larger nonprofits one-on-one, with a custom tailored approach. If you are interested in this kind of support, please apply for a call so we can determine if you may be a good fit. 

"There are many facets to growing an organization and with the Impact Method™ we are able to touch on virtually all of them when I may have only focused on 75%."
-Andrew O'Grady,
MHA Dutchess County


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