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Are you are ready to implement
the Impact Method™ at your nonprofit,

but need support and accountability along the way?

You’ve realized there’s a better way and it all starts with embracing the Impact Method™

The Impact Method™ is the game changing framework that you are ready to implement, but despite your optimism, you're going to need some support in getting your team on board.

When you implement the Impact Method™, you are likely to experience rapid growth. That's when you'll benefit from additional advice and guidance from experts in the latest strategies for marketing, fundraising, automation, and scalability of your organization.

If you...
  • are excited to learn but unsure of where to start.
  • understand that you will only truly benefit from the learning the  Impact Method™ if you implement it. 
  • have what it takes to stick to the plan if you have some guidance and support.
Then it's time to...
  • learn and implement the Impact Method™, the operating framework specifically made for nonprofits.
  • and implement it with THRiVE, where you will get the support you need to make this your first best year ever.

“You've gotten us to put on "our big girl" pants, to look beyond the day-to-day and to act as if this organization will succeed and live on in the future and to take the steps necessary to make that happen."

Andrea Lurie
Horses for a Change

“Sarah's team at PivotGround worked with me to feel empowered and supported. My feelings of being overwhelmed shifted to feeling successful.

This has all helped me see my organization grow with a strong foundation. I see our members being more engaged, and I see my colleagues taking pride in the work that they are doing."

Chris Hewitt
Executive Director
Hudson Valley Current
Sarah Olivieri

I'm Sarah Olivieri a Nonprofit Strategist and Founder of PivotGround. In over 15 years of working with nonprofits both as an Executive Director and Consultant, I've found that the Impact Method™ is key to getting more time, money and impact.

However, while implementing the Impact Method™, Executive Director’s get busy. Fires occur, budgets get cut and people lose their jobs—as a result implementation is pushed to the bottom of the “to-do” list.

I created the Impact Method™ to address the real problems that nonprofits are facing and those are capacity and strategy BUT if you don’t implement the Impact Method™, nothing changes.

Introducing the Impact Method™

Your human-service nonprofit exists to make a positive impact in the lives of the people you serve. But how do you get there, anyway?

We developed our proprietary Impact Method™ as a way to break down your big audacious goals into clear, easy-to-understand components. When you’re feeling scattered and burnt out, we use The Impact Method™ to show you how achieving your goals is entirely possible.


We'll unlock your organizations true capacity and teach you how to harness it to its full potential so that you can be energized and focused and you pursue a bold strategy.


How does your mission break down into manageable goals? With our Impact Strategy™ and Continuous Action Plan™, you'll ensure you’re always making clear progress and know exactly what's to focus on next.


By taking decisive action and observing the results, you can build on your successes and plan for your challenges to make sure you’re consistently moving towards your ultimate goal.

THRiVE Training Modules:

Map your organization

Know your organizations needs

The Nonprofit Blueprint™

The Accountability Optimizer™

Your people and their superpowers

Plan your outcomes

Build a more meaningful strategy

Build your Impact Impact Strategy™ 

Set better goals

Attract more funding

Align your people

Get everyone rowing in the same direction

The Mission Maximizer™

Clarify your core beliefs and values

The Fireproof Garbage Bin

Make incredible daily progress

Gain momentum

Build your Continuous Action Plan™

Work in agile sprints

Renew your Continuous Action Plan™

Build a team of leaders

Activate your team

Vision Workshop

Core Values Workshop

Cycles & Sprints

Iteration & Solving Issues

Expert support

Overcoming Obstacles

Iterating on the tools 

Annual Planning

“In working with you I have been able to harness your experience and ideas in moving the agency forward. Your ability to map out the complete agency on paper helps me to visualize what I couldn’t before. The work that we do together also keeps me focused on moving the agency forward and not remaining stagnant like too many nonprofits do."

Andrew O'Grady
Executive Director
Mental Health America of Dutchess County
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Here are the details:

30MIN Video Training Modules with bite sized information and action steps

Live & Pre-Recorded Trainings by Guest Experts

Bi-Monthly Hot Seat Calls with Sarah Olivieri

One-On-One support with Sarah Olivieri

Access to our Carefully Vetted Partner Experts

Annual Planning Event

Investment: $9950/annually
Monthly pay option: $995/month (minimum commitment of 6 months)

Apply now for a free consultation with Sarah to ensure that this program is the best fit for your organization.